Tuxedo FAQ - Answers to Your Questions About Formal Wear


  • What is the process to order a tuxedo rental?
    To select your tuxedo for your Las Vegas event, browse our tuxedos and accessories online. If you live in the Las Vegas area, come into our store to get measured and start the reservation process. We will take your measurements and will have you try on items to assure a proper fit. At that time, a $20.00 partial payment towards the rental will be required to reserve your tuxedo. If you live out of state or country, use our special out of town measurement instructions to show you how to easily obtain measurements and use our submit measurement form to have a tuxedo ready to try on upon arrival at our store. If any last minute adjustments are needed, they can be done in just a matter of minutes so that you can take the tuxedo right with you.

    Tux Rentals, Easy as 1 2 3

    Choose Tux

    Choose your rental tuxedo combination: tux, vest and color, shirt, tie, and shoes.


    Get tux measurements at Tuxedo Junction or submit measurements.

    Tux Pick Up

    Tuxedo Junction’s location is close to the Las Vegas Strip. Call for hotel delivery/pick up information.*

  • Where are you located? What are your hours?
      • LOCATION: Tuxedo Junction is in Las Vegas near the strip.
        3540 W. Sahara, Las Vegas, NV 89102.
      • HOURS: Tuxedo Junction's hours of operation are Monday – Friday 10 am – 7 pm, Saturday 10 am – 5 pm, Sunday 12 noon – 5 pm.
      • Call us at 1-800-832-5717 or (702) 873-8830. Email us at info@tuxedojunction-lv.com.
  • How do I get to your store? Is an appointment needed?
    Direction to Tuxedo Junction: From the south end of Las Vegas Blvd. (The Strip): Head north on Las Vegas Blvd. (toward the Stratosphere). Then go west (make a left) at W. Sahara Ave. Tuxedo Junction is two miles off of the strip on the right hand side, on the Northeast corner of Sahara and Valley View. No appointment is needed. However, we recommend that you contact the store at 800-832-5717 to find out the best time to come in.
  • When do I pick up and return my tux rental?
    Your tuxedo will be ready the day before your event and needs to be returned the following day at Tuxedo Junction at:
    3540 W. Sahara,
    Las Vegas,
    NV 89102.

    The rental is available for a total of three days. For example: If your wedding is on Saturday then you would pick up the tuxedos on Friday and return them on Sunday. Extended rental-time options are available upon request. The specialists at Tuxedo Junction are more than happy to work with your schedule.
  • Do you deliver to hotels?
    Yes, Tuxedo Junction offers tuxedo rental delivery and pick-up service for most of the major Las Vegas hotels. For local hotels, the cost is $10 each way, or $20 for both pickup and delivery. For hotels which are not local, the cost is $20 each way, or $40 for both pickup and delivery. Please contact Tuxedo Junction at 800-832-5717 or info@TuxedoJunction-LV.com to give us your delivery details and see if we deliver tuxedos to your hotel. We do not offer a limo/taxi service to transport guests to and from our store.
  • Do you offer designer tux rental styles and vest colors?
    Tuxedo Junction's on-site inventory or tuxedo and accessories is continually expanding to feature the latest styles, designs and colors from designers such as Ike Behar, Jean Yves, Pierre Cardin, Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior, Perry Ellis, Fubu and more. A range of dinner jackets, single- or double-breasted coats, tailcoats, wedding suits and hundreds of accessory combinations make any wedding or formal occasion a success. We offer the largest selection of tuxedo rentals and accessory color combinations in Las Vegas to match your style.
  • What sizes do your tuxedo rentals come in?
    From infant tuxedos to big and tall adult sizes, Tuxedo Junction has the largest on-site tuxedo warehouse in Las Vegas for tux rentals and accessories. Your size and style options are practically limitless! We even have womens rental tuxedos, cute custom fitted dog tuxedos for rental, and ring bearer tuxedo rentals in a variety of colors.
  • What are your tux rental prices?
    Our tuxedos are priced very competitively and have no hidden costs. Each tuxedo is priced based on the coat, shoes, vest and specialty accessories such as a hat, cane, etc. We are also proud to provide promotional offers and coupons for weddings, groups and student events. Please contact Tuxedo Junction for specific pricing information, at 800-832-5717 or info@TuxedoJunction-LV.com
  • How far in advance should I get fitted for my rental tux?
    Under most circumstances, wedding attire and large groups are registered one to three months in advance to allow time for selections, measurements and alterations. Our wedding registration and submit measurement forms make it easy for you to identify styles and gather sizes from your "out of state" guests. However, Tuxedo Junction can easily provide tuxedos in just minutes with our TJ FastFit system. Thanks to a large warehouse and full-time tailors on the premises, the professionals at Tuxedo Junction can handle any last-minute fittings or emergencies.
  • How do I get my measurements to you? How do I take my own measurements?
    We recommend that Las Vegas residents come into our store to be custom fitted by our tuxedo experts. If out of state, simply go to a local tuxedo store in your area and have them take your measurements. You can then submit them to us online using our measurements form. Another option is to measure yourself with the help of our measurement instructions. DYI Measurement Instructions
  • Should I rent or purchase a tuxedo?
    Unless you are a gourmet-room maitre d' or a frequent "party goer" chances are the best decision will be to rent. However, if you would like to purchase a tuxedo, Tuxedo Junction has a fine retail selection of tuxedos, shirts and accessories that are available for purchase.
  • What is my "Fav" board and how do I save favorite styles?
    Favorites is a convenient temporary place to gather style ideas, for a limited time. Simply create a login, see a style you like then select the heart to save it to your favorite styles board. Then next time you want to see an overview of all your favorite tuxedo, pants, shirts, vests and other accessories, simply login and check them out in one convenient location.
    Your Favorites board is only a fun place to collect ideas temporarily and does not officially set up your order. Register your final chosen tuxedo combo for your wedding REGISTER WEDDING or event REGISTER EVENT and submit measurements SUBMIT MEASUREMENTS to officially set up your tuxedo rental order. By creating a "favorites" account, you agree to the conditions and privacy notice. Call or email if there's any questions and to confirm if your order is properly registered.


  • When should I register my wedding?
    We suggest that you register your wedding with Tuxedo Junction soon after the bride has selected the wedding and bridesmaids colors. Registering early will ensure that all individuals in your wedding party will have time to provide their measurements and get fitted. Your groomsmen will have their final fitting when they pick up their tuxedos.
  • How do I register my wedding rental tuxedos?
    Go to Register My Wedding. We’ve made it simple to give us your information and email your groomsmen to get their measurements. Whether you are a local resident or from out-of-town, registering makes the tuxedo process easy and organized for you and your wedding party. After registering, your groomsmen that live in Las Vegas can simply go get measured at our Las Vegas store at their leisure, or if living out of state, they can submit their measurements online. The wedding registration will be filed under the groom or main contact's name.
  • Should all of the tuxedos in the wedding party match? Who usually rents tuxes together as a group?
    It is important to keep the wedding party in simular tuxedos. However, the groom should stand apart from his groomsmen. The groom may choose to stand apart by wearing more neutral accessory colors or wearing a different coat style altogether. The groomsmen’s accessory colors often match the bridesmaids’ dresses or the wedding colors. The fathers may wear the same tuxedos and accessories as the groomsmen, but can choose to wear a more traditional tuxedo and accessory to stand apart. The wedding group that usually rents tuxedos together includes the groom, father of the groom, father of the bride, best man, groomsmen, closest family, and ring bearers. Tuxedos are available for big and tall to tiny baby sizes, womens styles and even doggy tuxes too! There's a tux or suit perfect for everyone and practically any color theme.
  • I have people coming in from out of town, how do I get measurements to you?
    We’ve made it easy. Simply register your wedding first and then submit their measurements online. If you do not have all of your groomsmen or groups tuxedo measurements available, that is no problem. You can easily request tux measurements from your group with the "Email Group" feature at the bottom of the registration forms. Tuxedo Junction will then send out the tuxedo measurements request with links and contact info to you and your group. So, to summarize, if you are out of the city, state, or county and need to rent a tuxedo or hire a tux, simply use our online forms and you are all set. We also have helpful measurement instructions MEASUREMENT INSTRUCTIONS showing how to "do it yourself" and get tux measuments.
  • What local Las Vegas companies do you recommend for wedding and events?
    We love local businesses and have a list of some of the Las Vegas wedding and event vendors we recoomend on our Las Vegas wedding resources page. Our recommendation page includes Las Vegas reception locations, florists, cakes, photographers and more! LAS VEGAS WEDDING RESOURCES Las Vegas Wedding Resources
  • When can I pick up my tux and when do I return the tux?
    Unless special arrangements are made, our tuxedo rental is for three days. Pick up your rental the day before your event and return it the following day to Tuxedo Junction at: 3540 W. Sahara, Las Vegas, NV 89102.
  • How have formal wear styles changed over the years and what is currently popular?
    View popular tuxedo rental style combinations here. POPULAR TUXEDO COMBINATIONS The look for tuxedos has evolved a lot over the past 30 years! In the ‘70s the look was a tuxedo in yellow, green, plaid or blue with bell-bottom pants. In the ’80s it was the brown, navy or Burgundy Red tuxedo with ruffled shirts. In the ‘90s, the look was the classic Black tuxedo with bold-colored vests, bow ties and cummerbunds. Now, into the new millennium, modern tuxedos are featuring a variety of styles, including elegant, contemporary tuxedo jackets, fitted styles, classic black tuxedos as well as gray, navy blue, tan, brown, ivory and white tuxedos, dinner jackets, the 3/4-length jackets, and the Zoot suits. Also featured are "cravat ties," pocket squares, vests and waistcoats with and without full backs, black shirts, windsor ties and over a hundred bowtie colors.